RE at Westfields Junior School

RE Long Term Overview

RE Currciculum Progression

Please view our RE Curriculum Progression of Skills and Knowledge here:

WJS Curriculum Progression – Religious Education (download link)

Special Events

As in previous years, all the children at Westfields were given the exciting opportunity to take part in World Religions Day. Each year group was allocated a different religion which was then explored and discussed for the whole day as part of an extended curriculum opportunity. Year 3 explored Buddhism, Year 4 studied Judaism, Year 5 investigated Sikhism and Year 6 added to their previous knowledge of Hinduism which they had studied in Years 3 and 4.

The pupils had the chance to immerse themselves in their learning and demonstrate Captain Creativity as they carried out a range of creative and research-based tasks. Children learnt about the key beliefs and place of worship for their focus religion as well as investigate some of the religious festivals that are celebrated. Year 4 classes even enjoyed a practical workshop led by a Jewish Rabbi who shared a wealth of information.

In place of our usual Friday Assembly, Miss Redman and Dexter led a whole school quiz linked to the children’s knowledge – every pupil participated, scores were collected and converted into team points! It was an incredible day where pupils were able to expand their knowledge and understanding of the world around them as well as consider their own beliefs and values.