Home Learning

Home Learning

Home Learning is set through our chosen learning platform called ClassDojo. Children can log into ClassDojo and access their Home Learning by using the QR code found in their reading record book or via the link sent home to parents. Here, they can either complete their tasks via ClassDojo, submitting it to their class teacher once completed or the task can be completed on paper, a photograph can be taken of it and then uploaded to ClassDojo.

The amount of home learning to be completed is as follows: 


Children are requested to read five times a week with at least two times being to an adult at home.

To support children with their reading materials, children have access to the books in the reading area of their classroom, to books within the school library as well as Sora, our new digital reading platform.


Children can visit the school library everyday between 8.40am and 9.00am, at break time and lunch time and during the weekly class visit to the library. When visiting the library, children can borrow 2 reading books each visit. If children require additional learning materials, they can access Sora, a reading app, with their username and password found in their reading records, where they can borrow from a brilliant selection of age appropriate books, audio books, comics and magazines for all year groups.  It also has a selection of audio books. To access Sora, go to 


For more information, please view the Sora video below or speak with your class teacher or Mrs Colyer.


Each Tuesday, children will have a spelling lesson where they will learn a specific rule or pattern and then they will complete activities in class in their spelling booklets. Through the week, children should visit the Spelling Shed website three times to complete the tasks and activities set in order to learn their spellings.  In children’s reading records, children will have their spelling record which contains lists of weekly spellings as well as a range of additional spelling activities that children can complete. Children will be tested each Monday and after children have completed their weekly spelling tests, they will highlight the words they spelt correctly; any words spelt incorrectly can be practised again.

Link to Spelling Shed


Spelling Records

Grammar and Punctuation

On a weekly (for Years 5 and 6) or fortnightly (for Years 3 and 4) basis, children will receive an English task which is mainly based on consolidating work in class on grammar and punctuation. These tasks will be uploaded onto ClassDojo, our learning platform and paper copies can be requested.



On a weekly (for Years 5 and 6) or fortnightly (for Years 3 and 4) basis, children will receive a Maths task which will consolidate learning in class. Children can access this via MyMaths using their log in information found in reading records. Children are set tasks and they should click the “revise first” icon in order to practise the concepts before completing the tasks. Our expectation is that children achieve a minimum of 80% accuracy for the tasks set. These home learning tasks can be done more than once to allow misconceptions to be addressed by the child and allow them to continue to practise and develop their confidence and speed.  For any child who cannot access “My Maths” online, paper copies can be requested.

Link to MyMaths

TT Rock Stars

Each week, children should be logging onto TT Rock Stars (using their log in information found in their reading record book) and practising their multiplication tables.

Link to TT Rock Stars