We are delighted and proud to report that during our Ofsted inspection in November 2023, we have achieved a Good ‘Overall Effectiveness’ grade with our relentless focus on the individual child being recognised with the area of ‘Personal Development’ being graded as OUTSTANDING.  To access the inspection report please click here.

Click here to access the Ofsted website.

Beyond the headline words there is far more to understand, some additional feedback received throughout the inspection that we are particularly proud of includes…

There is a warmth and enthusiasm from all staff towards children and parents; the school is well loved.

Documentation presented clearly articulated our vision and values.

Children are very positive about their school and learning.

Quality of Education shows high ambition for all children.

Subject leaders are passionate about their subjects and enthuse other staff, they have strong subject knowledge and use a range of appropriate resources.

Provision for pupils with SEND is adapted through support, visual resources, pre-teaching, scaffolding and knowledge organisers.

The school has strong links with outside agencies.

Children support one another and are guided in ways to help themselves.

There is an equality of opportunity in relation to roles and responsibilities and children understand how these are appointed.

You would be hard pressed to find a more vigilant safeguarding culture.

Leaders are passionate and there is regular review and refinement; the school is well led.

Expectations are high and pupils live up to these.

Learners are attentive, enthusiastic, polite and pleasant.

Curriculum design is firmly in place and there is clear progression.

Our school prioritises and fosters a love of reading.

Assessment is purposeful and not onerous.

Our personal development opportunities are aspirational and exceptional.

Curriculum enrichments are thoughtful and purposeful, opportunities are varied and provide ambition for pupils to grow.

Parents are well informed and their views are listened to.

The Governing Body are well informed and have a wealth of knowledge about the school.