Learning Skills

Sailing the 7Cs

Understanding themselves as learners and believing that learning is a process that everyone can improve at is crucial to children developing as resilient, purposeful learners. In order to achieve this and work towards our mission for children to be well-equipped for their futures, our curriculum is underpinned by the development of learning skills across the school. 

At Westfields Junior School, we have introduced the 7Cs to our children which are namely: Captain Curiosity, Captain Confidence, Captain Craftsmanship, Captain Collaboration, Captain Communication, Captain Commitment and Captain Creativity. 

We display our Captains in class, developing them through purposefully selected lessons, through planned activities, using key language within the classroom and in the way that learning is modelled to children. Reflection opportunities take place on a weekly basis to enable children to acknowledge progress and plan next steps. 

Involving the children in the development of the learning skills was key. The children themselves designed the characters, groups of children introduced these to the whole school through our Meet ‘n’ Tweets and children were involved in our 7Cs themed assemblies.

Children are now confident in identifying what particular skill each pirate represents. They have also become experts in reflecting on which skills they are experienced in and which skills they want to further develop as they continue through the school.  

The 7Cs