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Computing Long Term Overview

Computing Curriculum Progression

 Please view our Computing Curriculum Progression of Skills and Knowledge here:

WJS Curriculum Progression – Computing (download link)


Keeping children safe drives our approach to the use of technology at Westfields. Technology is used as a learning tool across the curriculum. Children are taught safe practices and how to make good decisions about the responsible use of technology.

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Useful Links

  CEOP’s Thinkuknow



  Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP)

  Bullying Online

Click here to view the Parent Fact Sheet – Child Safety on the app TikTok

Keep your child safe on TikTok – Parent Fact Sheet February 2020

Use of Images

Image permission Statement

Photography and filming at events and parental use

In order to safeguard our children, we ask that any digital images or videos that are taken at school events remain private and are not uploaded to social media, the internet or otherwise shared by parents if they include images of any child other than their own.  Filming or taking of images may be restricted to certain times and locations.


Safer Internet Day

Coordinated in the UK by the UK Safer Internet Centre the celebration sees hundreds of organisations get involved to help promote the safe, responsible and positive use of digital technology for children and young people.


Firstly, thank you so much to everyone for getting involved so enthusiastically in our Safer Internet Day 2021.  With our current usage (and reliance!) of technology at an all-time high, it is so important (now more so than ever!) to ensure we all develop our understanding of how to stay safe online. This year’s theme was ‘An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world’. Across the whole school, each year group looked at a different element of online advertising…

Year 3 were challenged to use their detective skills to identify how unboxing videos are used to advertise products.

Year 4 learnt all about giveaways, collaborations and celebrity endorsements before then designing their own advert including one of these persuasive features.

Year 5 started to delve behind the advert to learn about influencers and other people who can benefit from online advertising apart from the company.

Year 6 explored the positives and negatives of having adverts online and became advert detectives to learn how to spot a fake ad, creating brilliant posters to showcase all they had learnt.

Hopefully the day helped the children to learn more about what they can and cannot trust online and as always, it is a wonderful thought to have been working with children from over 170 other countries to make our internet a better place.

Miss Creelie, Computing Co-ordinator

Safer Internet Day 2019 was celebrated globally on Tuesday 5th February 2019 with the slogan of ‘Together for a better internet’.

This theme had been chosen by the Insafe network which is made up of Safer Internet Centres based in every European country. The theme encouraged young people to work together to be positive, safe and respectful online.

In the UK the campaign particularly empowered young people to take control of their digital lives and consider how consent works in an online context. It explored how young people ask, give and receive consent online.  This could be in their friendships or relationships, how they take and share images and videos of how they manage their privacy and data.

Our assembly was led by the Digital Leaders in Year 6.

Safer Internet Day 2018 was celebrated globally on Tuesday 6th February

This year, we celebrated Safer Internet Day with all sorts of exciting activities. Mr Chaplin, our Computing Coordinator, led an exciting interactive assembly and introduced this year’s theme of ‘Create, Connect and Share Respect’. The classes subsequently spent some of their curriculum time completing a range of linked activities. These ranged from recording an internet safety rap and breaking an emoji code, to creating posters and discussing online etiquette to stay safe. The whole school also learnt a Primary Educational Music song ‘Stay Safe on the Internet’ in honour of our safer internet celebrations.




Digital Leaders

Digital Ambassador Training – January 2020

Our Digital Leaders worked with a representative from the Police And Crime Commissioner’s Office to learn about e-safety!  The children had a fabulous morning tackling a range of e-safety issues by meeting some new cyber monsters including The Angler who loves to lure you in with tempting offers. Our intention following this initiative is that over the next few weeks our Digital Leaders will prepare their own lessons to share what they have learnt with all of our classes across the school. This is such an important issue and an opportunity that is extremely valuable as e-safety remains a growing concern.

Digital Genius – Inspiration from Nature Project – 2019

Over recent months our Digital Leaders have been working on a project to create their own invention inspired by nature.  The project began with an innovative and fun workshop at The Living Planet Centre in Woking, where the children explored how nature’s smart designs have inspired a range of clever inventions.  As part of the workshop the children worked in small groups to brain storm ideas, whilst considering what problem their invention would solve and which elements of nature inspired their design.  The children then created a prototype of their invention and presented their ideas to the whole group. Upon their return to school the children have continued to enhance their original ideas and have created presentations, using technology, to explain their invention.  As part of this, the children have had the opportunity to work with an expert in this field who has shared with them creative and innovative ways to deliver their presentations using Keynote, Pages and Clips. Our children have been passionate about this project and worked tirelessly to produce their presentations; please take a look at some of the work that has been created so far.

Photographs from WWF Workshop

The Plastic Killer Presentation



As parents we know that you are eager to support your child with their learning as much as you can. Hopefully, some of these apps will help you continue to support your children at home within an engaging and enjoyable context.

Information on recommended Apps

Apps for Good

Apps for Good is an exciting programme, developed to inspire and motivate students in computing. The children work in teams through a series of tasks designed to create imaginative mobile apps that will solve problems and make a difference to real life issues that directly affect themselves, their peers and their community.  Our children collaborate to agree on the issues and the problems they wish to solve and work together to come up with a solution. Working with real experts (designers, developers and entrepreneurs) they use the technology for a real purpose, whilst showing them, in a practical way, the importance of the learning skills we promote – teamwork, communication, creative thinking and perseverance.

Having been the first junior school to lead the way in the Apps for Good programme we are pleased to continue our partnership with this real-life experience for our children.

What is Apps for Good?

Apps for Good Winners 2019

We are proud to announce that a team from Year 5 have been awarded the Digital Explorers Title for 2019 with their app idea “Worry No More”, which sensitively supports children with parents who are suffering with cancer.

The children spent a wonderful day in London at the Apps for Good National Awards event, visiting the Lego offices, completing some problem solving tasks, followed by pitching their amazing well being app to a panel of 7 ‘Dragons Den’ judges and over two hundred business men and women!  After convincing the dragons of their innovation and responding so professionally to the dragons’ questions, they were award the title for the best app idea from students aged 9-2 years, the Digital Explores Title 2019!

Apps for Good 2019 – Update

Over recent weeks our Year 5s have been working in small groups to design an App which addresses an issue they care about.  The children have been exploring the App development process, going from initial idea to creating a prototype of their App using Balsamiq Mockups, bringing their idea to life. 

As part of the process the children have carried out research to come up with an innovative and well considered solution which addresses the issue their App is aiming to solve, considering their target user and preparing and recording a pitch (in one minute) to sell their idea to the judges.

The entries have now been submitted (no pressure but we did win last year!) and finalists will be announced on Monday 3rd June 2019. Please take a look at a selection of their Balsamiq Mockups and pitches.






Westfields Junior School Apps for Good Winners 2018

Westfield Junior School Apps for Good Winners 2017