Roles and Responsibilities

Our children play an active role in the community of Westfields.  As they move through the school, we believe it is important that they develop their independence and demonstrate their sense of responsibility. This can be achieved through roles within the classroom however, children are also given the opportunity to apply for a number of key roles within school.


Role The responsibilities for this role include:

Digital Leader


  • Ensuring the radio station is streaming into each class every morning
  • Ensuring all the IT equipment is charged and ready for the school day
  • Flagging any damaged or broken equipment
  • Assisting with updates to desktops and laptops
  • Reviewing new Apps prior to purchase
  • Educating pupils on topics such as internet safety and cyber bullying through assemblies and kahoots
  • Training new digital leaders

Radio Leader


  • Playing the music in the morning, which signals to children to go to class
  • Delivery morning announcements from staff
  • Planning and delivery lunch time radio shows
  • Demonstrating to visitors how the radio station works and what it is used for
  • Assisting with recording radio shows
  • Training new radio leaders

Junior Librarian


  • Ensuring the library runs smoothly
  • Helping to return books to the shelves
  • Booking topic books in/out and delivery to year groups
  • Sorting class bookcases
  • Helping to tidy fiction/non-fiction
  • Assisting keeping scheme books in order
  • Supporting younger children in library: e.g. story time and book recommendations
  • Assisting with promotions of new book: e.g. new book Monday

Junior Road Safety Officers


  • Teaching pupils how to be safe on the road
  • Educating pupils about the Green Cross Code
  • Taking assemblies and arranging a day for ‘Your Time to Shine’
  • Preparing and recording a radio show to educate pupils on road safety

School Council

  • The voice of children in the school
  • Listening to the view of classmates and discussing them at fortnightly meetings
  • Working on projects as required

Team Captains


  • Encourage participation and promote enjoyment for all team events
  • Support organisation of termly event
  • Act as ambassadors for Westfields Junior School at Hart District events
  • Provide physical activities at break and lunchtimes for all year groups
  • Teaching rules of a game/being a referee
  • Keeping the PE shed tidy and checking equipment
  • Helping in the preparation for and leading their house team on Sports Day, Fun Run and Potted Sports
  • Collecting team points

Eco Committee

Priorities for this term:

  • Preparing beds and planting bulbs
  • Preparing an action plan
  • Eco board
  • Composting and recycling in classes