All pupils attending Westfields Junior School are expected to wear full school uniform.  A good, clean, smart appearance is an asset to each pupil, and the school seeks parental support via the home school agreement in the maintenance of such an appearance.  We believe that wearing our uniform and taking pride in appearance contributes to a sense of community and equality as well as supports a positive learning ethos and reduces expenditure for parents. We are proud of our uniform and the smart appearance of our pupils which is often praised by visitors and the wider community.


Suitable black shoes (not trainers) with a closed toe and without adornments

Black or grey socks (not trainer liners)

White socks (not cream or ‘slouch’ socks, no trainer liners) or black, grey, white or red tights

Mid-grey long trousers (standard fitting: not cargo style, no cords, denims or canvas trousers, no hipsters, turn-ups or adornments)

Mid-grey skirt, culottes or pinafore dress with no adornments, length to be within 5 centimetres of the knee

Plain white shirt with a red & white school tie*

Plain white open neck blouse (not Aertex) with no frills or adornments

Red school jumper with Westfields logo*

Red school cardigan with Westfields logo*

In the summer term, children are also allowed to wear

Mid-grey shorts (standard fitting: not cargo style, no cords, denims or canvas shorts or adornments)

Red and white check dress, length to be within 5 centimetres of the knee.

Westfields school cap (to be worn for off-site activities/trips and for sun protection)


White aertex polo shirt with Westfields logo*
Red shadow stripe sports shorts                                                                          
Team T-Shirt*
Trainers for outdoor activities (no “hi tops” or plimsoles)
Plain black tracksuit trousers and sweatshirt with Westfields logo may be worn for outdoor activities during the winter

Items marked * must be obtained from the School Office, other items can be purchased where you will.

Uniform can be ordered online via SCOPAY, or alternatively via an order form accompanied with payment of either cash/cheque, payable to Westfields Junior School. All orders will be sent home via your child.

Please refer to the School Uniform Policy for further details regarding hairstyles, jewellery and non-uniform days.