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If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on the details below.

Westfields Junior School

School Lane



GU46 6NN

Telephone: 01252 408218 Fax: 01252 408216


Executive Headteacher: Miss Jo Redman

Executive Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Jo Wilson

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs Lucinda Long

SENCO: Miss Kathryn Parsons

Chair of Governors: Mrs Leigh-ann Ogborne


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    All of our community stakeholder partnerships, in particular those with parents, are highly valued and contribute to our children’s progress, development and well-being and as such we are committed to maintaining positive and open relationships for the benefit of our children.

    We actively seek the opinions of all stakeholders and regularly send out questionnaires and communications for opinions about our school and where appropriate act upon feedback received.


    As we greatly value the positive partnership between the school, parents and other stakeholders we endeavour to promote good communications at all times.

    We aim to deal with all complaints as soon as they are raised. Our Complaints Policy is based on the principle that, wherever possible, complaints will be dealt with informally and stakeholders are encouraged to share their concerns with the appropriate member of staff at the earliest opportunity. In the event that a complaint has not been resolved in this manner, formal procedures are outlined in the policy that provide the complainant with a process that ensures the issue is addressed and resolved.

    Our Complaints Policy provides a clear framework through which stakeholders can raise concerns if they wish to make the complaint formal. The policy provides a structure under which a concern can be discussed and a resolution achieved in an efficient and fair manner.


    Westfields Junior School