After school on Thursday, nine talented pupils from Westfields Junior School proudly represented our school in a highly-contested cricket competition at Calthorpe Park School. With incredible sportsmanship and undeniable talent, the young cricket stars showcased the exemplary Westfields Values. Sporting their school PE kit with pride, the children took to the cricket pitch to demonstrate exceptional skills in bowling, catching, and batting. Each player brought something special to the game, showing that Westfields Junior School is home to a group of young, talented athletes who are dedicated to their sport. Throughout the event, all of our pupils showcased a brilliant level of sportsmanship, embodying the values of teamwork, encouragement, and support for their peers. Their camaraderie and mutual respect for each other served as a shining example of the positive, inclusive environment fostered at our school.
The team’s bowlers were particularly impressive, delivering both speed and precision which kept the opposing team on their toes. The fielders displayed remarkable prowess as well, with breath-taking catches that fuelled excitement and pride among the spectators. The promising performance of our young cricketers will undoubtedly have a lasting impact. It was an experience that neither the players nor the spectators will soon forget and we are looking forward to future competitions and the opportunity for its budding athletes to continue
shining brightly on the cricket pitch. Well done to you all!
Mr Frame, PE Co-ordinator