For almost three weeks (not including the half term and our exciting residential in the middle) the Year 6 pupils and the amazing Westfields staff, have been working tirelessly to create the wonderful experience of our production. The auditions began the Friday after we had finished our gruelling SATs, later that day we found out our parts and were delighted with them! Those who had lines started learning them immediately, and the teachers did a fantastic job creating the props and scenery we required to bring the play to life. We practised hard and it paid off as we smashed the dress rehearsals that were performed in front of other year groups as well as the Year 2s from WIS. We were finally ready to perform to our encouraging families. On performance day (Wednesday), we were nervous but as we practised on the stage at Yateley School our adrenaline began kicking in. The performances were sensational, it was really something we wanted to remember forever. We would like to thank all of the staff who helped our dreams come true. It really was the experience of a lifetime.

Olivia Doe and Jonny Moores

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