Today Year 6 have been enjoying a World War II Creative Day to experience what life was like during this difficult time of conflict.  To set the scene, we all dressed up as a variety of people from during the war including: land girls, officers, evacuees and so much more! 

This morning, we enjoyed three different workshops: wartime dance, ration cooking and writing letters from the viewpoint of an evacuee.  Within our dance session, we learnt about big band music, how dance raised morale and created our own routines to share at the 1940s tea dance in the afternoon.  During ration cooking, we discovered how food was short and that people had to make do with the ingredients they had.  We made delicious carrot cakes. In addition, we have learned about what it might have felt like to be evacuated and written postcards home to our families as if we were evacuees. We finished off our Creative Day with a fantastic tea dance.  During this, we shared our postcards, showcased our dance routines and enjoyed our amazing carrot cakes.  It has been so much fun to learn what life was like back then and how different our lives are today. 

Written by: Oliver Brooker, Harriet Rawlinson, Daisy Hurst, Lucy Hill-Clarke, Katie Monger

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