On Wednesday and Thursday this week, Year 6 went on an exciting trip to the Winchester Military Museums!  It was great fun and we discovered so much about WW2.  We learned about uniforms, how they changed through the era and we were even able to try on helmets and coats. In addition to this, our learning included finding out about the role the Gurkas played in the war as well as how they supported the British Military efforts. After that, we held and explored different artefacts like gas masks, water pumps and other items from the home front. Many of us were able to handle and find out about the different types of medals that people were awarded during or after the war. For example we learned that all of the ribbons were different colours depending on where people fought or what the medal was awarded for.  Most importantly, we got time to explore the Green Rifle Military exhibits where we saw all sorts of clothes, medals, weapons and more! It was a fantastic day and everyone certainly learnt a lot!