This week, Year 6 immersed themselves further into their study of World War II with a hands on visit to the Winchester Military Museum.  During our visit the children participated in a variety of workshops and explored the museum exhibits and artefacts.  Each child was lucky enough to have the opportunity to try on military uniforms and even feel the weight of a WWII rifle!  As well as learning about the varied uniforms and job roles, the children explored documents and handled artefacts.  These included: gas masks (even for a baby), blackout equipment, tools to remove incendiary bombs and so much more!  It was fascinating to find out about the different war medals and what each of the colours on the ribbons represented.  The children also learned about how our army forces were supported by a variety of other nationalities who joined with us in the war effort, particularly the Gurkha troops.  As well as the workshops, the children had the chance to hear stories from Stan, a WWII evacuee.  Stan described life during the Blitz, being evacuated, his experiences of rationing and also his time in the armed forces after the war – it was amazing to hear his captivating stories and recounts.  Year 6 had an excellent time and were really engaged with this hands on learning experience.