During different morning sessions this week, each of our Year 6 classes headed out into Yateley High Street to complete their human geography field work linked to their current geography unit: ‘Location, Location, Location’. In order to inform their town planning challenge, the children used their observation and mapping skills to create accurate maps of the local area. Using appropriate keys, they recorded key
features and then upon their return to school, used the information they had gathered to locate and design a new leisure facility for Yateley with the remit of the task being to enhance our local area’s amenities.
Whilst out and about within our local community the children displayed safe and focused behaviours and were a credit to our school. Well done Year 6, you never know, perhaps if we send your suggestions to
Yateley Town Council one of them could become a reality in the future?!
Miss Campbell, Year 6 Team Leader and 6CH Class Teacher