Last Friday Year 5 went on their greatly anticipated trip to Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium. After a very uneventful coach ride, we arrived at the centre to extend our learning and understanding of space. Starting with a workshop on satellites, we experimented with lasers and IR heat lamps to decide which materials to use in the Webb Space Telescope. The workshop finished with discovering all about the spectrum of light. Then we explored the space exhibits in the downstairs section of the museum. There were lots of tasks to complete including making sure astronauts in a space station had enough air and water, finding out about how space bends under gravity and launching a rocket. After lunch we had a great experience in the planetarium, discovering the wonderful world of constellations and how to find the Pole Star before flying around our Solar System visiting all of the planets and some of their moons. After this awe-inspiring show, we explored the rest of the museum activities which included how sound travels, how pulleys work and how different liquids create different bubble shapes. All this whilst strumming a giant guitar. It was a great day out.!

“My favourite part was learning about antibiotics and disease control.”  George Dougherty

“The planetarium was the best. It was like I was in a spaceship.”  Akarshan Suthahanran

“Simply great science. Fun and interactive.” Sasha Dalley

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