On Friday 15th November, Year 5 had a fun packed, knowledge led visit to the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium. After arriving, the year group were whisked off around the solar system in a live action show in the planetarium (the largest in the UK!)  After visiting Venus and Mars, we flew through space to planets Saturn and George. Yes, planet George was the original name to be given to Uranus, naming the majestic planet after King George III. The show finished with an awe inspiring view of our universe with thousands of galaxies floating in the vastness of space. After our tour of the Solar System, next up was a workshop where the children learnt about the colour spectrum of light, investigated the heat resistance of various materials and how we can reflect lasers using mirrors and prisms. All of this led us to find ways that we could protect the James Webb telescope launching in 2020. After a brief lunch break we followed up our workshop with many hands on activities. Strapping on a space suit and trying to manipulate objects in heavy gloves proved a challenge! The museum had activities about forces, space, the body, mind control and so much more. After an exhausting day, we arrived back at school ready for the weekend!

Mr Chaplin, Yr5 Team Leader

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