Last Friday, Year 5 went on a wonderful Science trip to Marwell Zoo. We will all remember it for a long time as we had such a fun action-packed day. After quite a long coach journey, we visited the penguins first; we must admit they did seem a little scared when all 105 of us peered at them, so they stayed awfully still and we tried to keep quiet to avoid alarming them! Over the course of the morning we met a variety of other animals including: tigers, giraffes, rhinos, snow leopards, leopards, meerkats and lots of birds.

We also had the chance to participate in some interactive

workshops about life cycles. During these we saw animal furs and skins up close, we learnt lots of fascinating facts including why snakes shed their skin and we learnt about the life cycle of various creatures including a frog and ladybird.

Overall, the trip was very fun and we all wish we could go again—but maybe in the sunshine next time!?

“Even though it was very wet, we had the best time because all of the animals were out & active! Marwell Zoo was magnificent!”

Jonny Moores

“It was great to be able to see animals that we have been learning about in real life! I couldn’t believe how huge the Forest Buffalo’s horns were!”

William Scanlan

“Each & every animal was exotic in it’s own unique way – like the Okapi, which is a relative of the giraffe but looks more like a Zebra! The   experience was truly mind blowing!”      

Eveie Travers

“The giraffes were magnificent & kept sticking their tongues out! Who knew that flamingos are actually white & the food they eat (shrimps) turns them pink! After walking around all day, we were exhausted but what a fun day!”

Aimee Oosthuizen 

Written by Sam Cave and Louise Seymour