On Thursday, Year 5 pupils and staff took a trip into Space (well almost!) at the Winchester Science Centre. After a short coach journey, the children had the opportunity to discover the brand new “Explore Space” exhibit where they learnt about working with heavy suits on, programming robots to explore planets and how gravity bends the fabric of space time, as well as many more hands on experiences. Following this, they had an expert led workshop where they discovered how to protect satellites from the heat of the sun and investigated ways to reflect light to the James Webb space telescope’s

camera. But the real highlight of the day was definitely an interactive lecture inside the Planetarium. During this activity, the children explored our Solar System and beyond; flying though a million galaxies to the edge of the known universe! The experience was topped off with an hour of hands on Science exhibits, including mind control and finding out about the human body, we all returned exhausted but full of the wonder of the Universe.