On Monday the 26th of February, 4 students from Year 5 went to Yateley School to compete in a Maths Challenge. We competed against two other schools, Newlands and Cranford Park.  For a warm up, we divided money using percentages. Our team was called ‘Awesome Adders’ and we found this easy!

Our main challenge was to create a mystery tour of England. We had to visit two places per day for three days and stay overnight for two nights. We had to arrange accommodation and transport and pay attention to satisfying all three customer types.  We had to convert money, work out some algebra, calculate costs and consider the time it took to travel.

In the end we were the top team, as we satisfied more customers than any of the other teams.

We really enjoyed our challenge- especially as we won!

By Scarlett, Harry , Daisy and Evie