Last Friday, Year 5 had the exciting opportunity to go on a trip of a lifetime to Marwell Zoo. After a short journey on the coach, we arrived feeling rather excited and couldn’t wait to get started  exploring the wonderful animals inside the zoo. During our long walk around the park (which took all day) we saw lots of amazing creatures, up close and far away; species included rhinos grazing on the grass, zebras chilling out in the sun, cute red pandas in the trees, a sloth hanging out in the tropical house and lots more! As part of our day, we also took part in a learning session where we could pet a live rat and giant stick  insects. We found out that many animals are hunted for their skin or fur and that the zoo had confiscated skins and furs belonging to a wide range of different animals that had sadly been poached. We learnt lots about the life cycles of amphibians, mammals and insects as well as found out about how animals survive and breed. Everyone had a fantastic time .    

Charlotte Rawlinson & Francesca Drury