This year, Years 5 and 6 took part in the Fiver Challenge. The Fiver Challenge is a fantastic way to learn how businesses work, how to balance a budget and work together towards a common goal. There were many different excellent ideas and groups had to overcome many problems on the way such as: needing to adapt and change ideas, not having enough money to buy things and budgetary constraints. On top of this, part of the challenge was to interview different people around school as part of our market research. This helped us to make our products/ideas better. After that, we had to make our products but only once we had ordered the things we needed to make them of course! On Friday the 12th July, The Fiver Challenge Business Fair began at 3:15! Customers flooded the hall and back playground buying all the lovely products and looking at our stalls that seemed appealing to them. Many products sold out and made lots of money; but that’s thanks to the customers who bought them! The weather was beautiful and the atmosphere was fantastic! Some of us especially enjoyed throwing sponges at Mr Medwell!  It was an absolutely brilliant learning experience and we would all love to do it again.

Harry Brown, Charlie David and Michael Paciuch