On Monday and Tuesday this week all of the children in Year 4 visited Dapdune Wharf to bring their current topic, Water, Water Everywhere, to life! 

Dapdune Wharf is a National Trust owned site which was used well into the 20th Century for barge building and the loading of goods which would travel on the River Wey Navigation to London. During their visit, our children had the opportunity to use their historical skills to explore locally discovered artefacts at Dapdune Wharf; puzzling out what exactly they were used for and what their modern equivalent is today. The children (and staff!) were amazed to investigate how a lock system works and to find out about the purpose of Dapdune Wharf; they went on a tour of the site during which they were able to see a smithy, enter an old gunpowder store and go inside a 100 year old barge!

In particular, the children enjoyed the field study activities investigating a river; they used oranges and stopwatches to work out the flow of the river at various points.  It was a fascinating and interesting day which the children loved and the glorious weather added to the enjoyment of this fantastic day of learning in the outdoors!