This week, Year 4 went on a geography trip to Dapdune Wharf in Guildford and we had a most memorable day! Over the course of the visit each group completed five practical activities:

  • We walked along the river tow path accompanied by a very knowledgeable guide who taught us all about the process of erosion and how we can slow erosion down to reduce the risk of flooding.
  • We also had a tour of a river barge during which we found out how supplies are stored on barges that are used for transportation 
  • We had the chance to test the quality of the water and learn how to measure the temperature, cloudiness, acidity and oxygen levels.
  • We also learnt how these levels impact upon the plants and living creatures in river ecosystems. 
  • We looked at how lock systems work and investigated the speed of the river in different parts (bankside and middle) using oranges and stopwatches! 
  • We also investigated different materials to see which eroded quickest; this was a little bit messy!

Despite the rainy showers, we had a exciting action-packed day and learnt so much about rivers and the environment.  To see more photos, please visit the Gallery section on the Year 4 page.

Darcie Neville, Max Phillips, Chloe Mitchell and John Hull