Year 4 had a very exciting day of learning on Wednesday as they all enjoyed the opportunity to complete some practical activities based around their water topic. The first activity was to interpret the information gathered over the past week about their water usage which they presented in graphs. Next the children calculated the amount of water used for each activity/routine and presented this in bar charts. After this, the children attempted to filter dirty water to make it as clean as possible. Children used sand filters and filter paper and they were certainly surprised by how effective their experiment was! The final activity of the day was to create boats out of card and paper. These boats needed to float in a tank of water and we tested their durability by adding weights to them. One of the boats made by Year 4 was capable of taking well over 1kg of weight; truly an engineering marvel for an afternoons work!

It was a fantastic day and we hope that children enjoyed the STEM learning journey they participated in!