Traversing into the mists of time, Year 4 enjoyed their very exciting and incredibly engaging Roman Creative Day on Thursday this week! Once the children arrived in school wearing a wonderful array of costumes,
they participated in a range of Roman themed activities that they all enjoyed immensely. Our Roman enthusiasts had the challenging opportunity to problem solve to unlock the Roman Numerals hidden within certain words, converting them into numbers; a highly enjoyable activity linking our Maths to our History learning!
The children also got to grips with creating the façade of a Roman temple. Design and construction was not as easy as expected, we certainly had a few columns topple over, but with hard work and perseverance we were able to train up some very competent Roman engineers! Perhaps a more calming (but no less enjoyable!) activity was creating gorgeous Roman mosaics where children got to demonstrate their creative flare! And finally, a Roman Creative Day would not be complete without learning about the Roman Army? So the children had the opportunity to learn all about what made the Roman Army so successful at conquering; learning words such as ‘centurion’, ‘legionary’ and ‘auxiliary’. They even had a chance to design their own Roman shields! We hope that the children in Year 4 regaled their parents with fantastic tales about their journey into the past and that they had an enjoyable and memorable day too!

Mr Medwell