On Thursday we had a fantastic Creative Day all about Ancient Greece which is our topic this term. Rather than wearing our school uniforms we all dressed up (even the teachers!) as characters from this time in history. There were lots of different costumes; our favourites were Zeus and Medusa! In the morning we were split up into four groups to complete a number of activities including: making pitta bread, wreath construction (a symbol of triumph!),  Ancient Greek dancing and writing using the Ancient Greek alphabet. Then in the afternoon, all of the teachers and some volunteers performed a play of Theseus and the Minotaur, it was very entertaining (and funny!) but we are not sure that their performance deserved an Oscar although Mrs Worrall thought the acting was amazing! Over the course of the day we learnt lots of historical facts and had lots of fun! We are looking forward to our next creative day and completing all of our topic work this term.

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Ben Middlebrook & Leah Plowman