On Thursday we had a fantastic Creative Day all about Ancient Greece which is our topic this term. Rather than wearing our school uniforms we all dressed up (even the teachers!) as characters from this time in history.  Over the course of the day, we all took part in a number of exciting Greek themed activities . We started with Ancient Greek translation; our teachers let us translate their first names from Ancient Greek into English as our first challenge. Mrs Dobson had the most unusual name in Ancient Greek! After this, we then translated our own names and then we had to write a secret message in Ancient Greek for our partners to translate into English.  For our next task, we explored Ancient Greek pottery, including vases and plates. We looked at the geometric designs on them as well as the pictures. We then had the opportunity to design our own plates, using inspiration from Ancient Greek myths.  After this, we learnt about the importance of laurel and olive wreaths to the Ancient Greeks and made our own!  Finally, we created our own Ancient Greek bookmark, using our translated names from the activity in the morning! We decorated them with traditional Ancient Greek patterns using geometrical shapes. Overall we had a fun-packed and enjoyable day, full of learning and creative activities!

By Year 4