Year 3 travelled back to the Stone Age and the Iron Age today! As the children arrived in school dressed in their wonderful array of outfits we knew an exciting day was in store for us all. Throughout this term we have been laying the foundations of historical knowledge and understanding of the Stone Age period ahead of this extended curriculum opportunity.

The day consisted of a series of practical and creative activities including: researching and creating our own original cave paintings (which were so impressive they would not look out of place in a Paleolithic cave!); designing and making Iron Age jewellery; reviewing and drawing celtic designs of shields, torcs and jewellery. To complete our special event, we also became detectives to investigate how Stone Age people counted!

If you want to find out more about our day, you can find lots more pictures on our school website on the year group page. 

Well done Year 3, it was fantastic to see you all so immersed in your learning whilst having so much fun!                        

Mrs Courtney, Year 3 Team Leader