We were determined not to let a little thing like a pandemic and partial school closures stand in the way  of an opportunity to join in the annual WBD fun…to celebrate our World Book Day Book Fest, all of the WJS children completed a variety of exciting and creative book-themed activities!

Firstly, they had the opportunity to bring their stories to life with a range of challenges from making their characters, retelling stories and even making props or dressing up. Then, incredible World Book Day authors were celebrated by sharing their specially-made videos and completing their inspiration activities. Finally, the children got to share their favourite books; some children made incredible book trailers or designed word clouds to celebrate their chosen books, while others created new covers, wrote blurbs or even made dioramas to show off their books! There were also some special surprises in store from the Westfields Staff: The Masked Reader and Character Guess Who; both were amazing opportunities for the children to hear and see some of our favourite books and characters. I wonder how many you guessed correctly?!

We sincerely hope that you all enjoyed World Book Day, the staff certainly did, and thank you for all of your incredible efforts with costumes and your home learning activities!

Mrs Long, English Co-ordinator