On Thursday 5th March, Westfields Junior School celebrated World Book Day with an array of wonderful costumes and exciting activities to promote a love of reading….  The special day  was jam-packed with reading activities including our themed assembly, ‘Buddy Read’ with our partner classes and ending with our ‘Share a Story’ session when staff read some favourite texts to groups of children across the school. This year, our World Book Day theme is to ‘Share a Million Stories’ and focussed on the importance of enjoying storytime. 

As part of our celebrations, each class was given a book to explore as well as a reading skill to focus on.  Children in Year 3 explored books written by Emma Chichester Clarke all about the adventures of her dog Plum and learned how to summarise the main events of a text.

In Year 4, the children explored the poetic books of T.S.Eliot and explored the adventures of three very mysterious cats. They focussed on the reading skill of inference and selected key information about their characters.  Emotions ran high in Year 5 as they delved into a variety of books linked to feelings! They considered the changing emotions of the main characters as they focussed on the reading skill of inference.  The theme for the books studied in Year 6 was darkness and night.  The children considered the impact that the main characters had on the storyline as they developed their reading skills of responding and explaining.

It was a fantastic day of sharing and celebrating stories as well as developing our reading skills. If you wish to see photos or more information about World Book Day make sure that you check the school website and twitter.

Mrs Long, English Coordinator

Additional photographs can be viewed under curriculum/english/special events gallery.