This week every class across the school had the opportunity to complete a writing challenge. Led by our wonderful English Co-ordinator, Mrs Long the children shared a engaging film stimulus entitled, Piper all about a seagull chick who overcomes his fear of the sea. Following the lessons and drafting opportunities, the teaching staff were able to review the outcomes as a means of assessment. It is always a very interesting process to complete a similar task across the whole school to see how the children are developing their writing skills. Feedback has been very positive and one child from each class was subsequently given a Superstar Writer Certificate.

The winners were: 3CC: Christopher McAuley, 3MP:(tbc due to bubble SI), 3HC: Isabella Neilson, 4RM: Megan Coles, 4RP: Alice Battrawden, 4BD: Dylan Holt, 5DC: Blain Swales, 5DT: Holly Williams, 5JF: Hollie Sargeant, 6LL: Lola France, 6HC: Finley Willets, 6LB: Noah Hammond.

Well done to everyone and particularly our Superstar Writers!