Over the course of this week we have been particularly focusing on ‘mental health and well-being’ through our annual special event. Each day, every class has dedicated time to engage in daily acts of kindness to promote positive mental health and well-being by making someone’s day just that little bit better. From making cards and compliment notes; inviting someone new to sit with them at lunchtime to saying good morning to some new faces and holding open doors. Alongside this, staff members have also taken the time to offer various activities during lunchtimes to support the children’s well-being. There has been a huge range of activities available including: playing retro arcade games; going on a scavenger hunt and showcasing creativity through the art of origami and mindful colouring.

As part of our special week, on Tuesday the whole school participated in Safer Internet Day. In her capacity as Computing Co-ordinator, Miss Creelie (ably assisted by our fantastic Year 6 Digital Leaders!) led our annual e-safety event. This year, we explored the theme: “Making a difference, managing influence and navigating change online”. To start the week, our amazing Digital Leaders held an assembly to introduce the event. They not only delivered a fantastic assembly at the Junior School, but also ventured to Westfields Infant School to deliver the assembly there too! Back in the Juniors, we journeyed through the past, marvelling at how technology has evolved (trying to explain what cassettes were and The Magnavox Odyssey), before then creatively considering the exciting devices that might be in the

In Year 3 and 4, they then learned about the fun of gaming responsibly and recognising how games can influence us to keep on playing, while pupils in Year 5 and 6 discovered the magic of creating influencer videos. It was a fun day all around and reminded everyone all about the importance of being good digital citizens; together, we’re making the internet a safer and happier place!

Mrs Nasir, PSHE Co-ordinator