Thank you for all of your support in terms of our Walk to School Week. We are  pleased to share the efforts of everyone who chose to travel to school by healthy green ways. Each day classes collected the travel data of all pupils and congratulations to 4VH who are this year’s greenest class!

To maximise our success, team points have been awarded and the whole school results are:
1st – St David (320 points) 2nd – St Andrew (312 points)
3rd – St Patrick (304 points) 4th – St George (291 points)

We hope that our pupils will continue their green ways to improve their health and well-being, practice road safety and help the planet! As part of the themed week our well-trained and enthusiastic Junior Road Safety Officers headed over to the Year 1 and 2 classes to lead interactive lessons all about keeping safe whilst out and about. Feedback from infant staff was so overwhelmingly positive, I could not
be prouder of them all – well done to our JRSO’s for sharing these important messages.