On Tuesday for what has now become a greatly anticipated annual event and following a whole school home learning task to prepare justified viewpoints regarding, Should children only have sweets at the weekend? a small group of children from each year group were selected to represent their school teams in The Great Debate 2024! Having thoughtfully prepared their arguments for and against, the rest of the
school listened to each team share their responses to convince the audience that their justifications were the best. After the detailed presentations were completed, an interactive question and answer session took place where the teams were cross-examined by audience members. However, I am sure you will not be surprised that the final vote was against sweets only being eaten at the weekend.
1st – St Andrew (157 points)
2nd – St David (148 points)
3rd – St George (128 points)
4th – St Patrick ( 121 points)

Congratulations to all of our debate teams – you were wonderful!