Today the Digital Leaders visited WWF The Living Planet Centre and learnt about how nature helps our environment and how animals use their unique skills to help the planet. The Digital Leaders were given a task of designing and making a gadget that would help incidents that are hurting our planet such as: pelicans beaks scooping up rubbish, chameleons camouflage in a spray {so people couldn’t cut off their tusks}, a machine {inspired by 4 different creatures} to help animals not get hurt and die from plastic, a regenerator that helps people who have lost a limb regrow it back and many more ideas. 

At WWF The Digital Leaders met WWF educators and a Digital Genius called Vicky who inspired them to create their fabulous models and presentations.  Once they are improved, and if successful, they will be taken to the Education Summit where The Digital Leaders will present their final invention to save our environment.

#WWF  #TheDigitalLeaders  #DigitalGeniusBy Eveie and Amelia