iPad Purchase Scheme

The different technology used in education today is vastly different from the equipment we used when we were at school. The computer that used to fit on your desk now fits in your pocket. The use of the interactive whiteboard, laptops and mobile technology now changes the way children learn and how we teach.

There are huge benefits for children using technology and many studies talk about the rise in children’s engagement, the development of ICT skills and the ability to demonstrate learning in a variety of different ways.

At Westfields, we have always strived to be an exemplar school in terms of technology and have been recognised for the work we are doing both locally and nationally. We would now like to take our school to the next level by continuing our investment in mobile technology, allowing our children to learn anywhere and at any time. We always aim to find a balance between real-life experience and established methods of teaching as well as using technology, which we will continue to do.

For a number of years we have encouraged year 3 children to bring in their own iPad device if they have one. We also run a scheme where parents can purchase an iPad through the school at a reduced rate. The school will provide a core set of apps, free of charge, to support our curriculum.

Mobile technology, such as the iPad, now sits squarely alongside your child’s pencil case as an essential tool for their learning. Developing all of our children as digital creators, as well as communicators and researchers will equip them well for the next steps of their educational journey.  Having a personal device will provide a seamless interface for your child to make best use of this technology whether at home or in school.  Like learning a musical instrument, practice makes perfect!

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