Apps for Good

Apps for Good is an exciting programme, developed to inspire and motivate students in computing. The children work in teams through a series of tasks designed to create imaginative mobile apps that will solve problems and make a difference to real life issues that directly affect themselves, their peers and their community.  Our children collaborate to agree on the issues and the problems they wish to solve and work together to come up with a solution. Working with real experts (designers, developers and entrepreneurs) they use the  technology for a real purpose, whilst showing them, in a practical way, the importance of the learning skills we promote – teamwork, communication, creative thinking and perseverance.

Having been the first junior school to lead the way in the apps for good programme we are pleased to continue our partnership with this real-life experience for our children.


What is Apps for Good?

Westfield Junior School Apps for Good Winners 2018

Westfield Junior School Apps for Good Winners 2017

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