This week we have celebrated Science Week; a national event for everything science! The theme this year is “Time”. At Westfields we began with a special introductory assembly and each class joined in with The Great Plastic Count on Monday to enter data on a national survey of recycling plastic. We all know the problem plastic consumption and production has had on our planet. Plastic takes a long time to decompose and it is not always responsibly disposed of. Tuesday saw us buddy up with a class in the Infant School which was great fun: Year 2 joined Year 3 in creating a timeline of the dinosaur era. Year 4 joined Year 1 to discover how moths have adapted over time to become camouflaged. Year 5 and Reception created a colour walk of the seasons looking around the school grounds for spring time colours. A further activity was completed by each class on Wednesday and Thursday; these being selected from how communication has changed over time, the history of electricity, future farms or how nature will look in the future. We concluded the week with an activity to go into our Westfields Time Capsule. A fun and informative week was had by all, ‘until next time…remember time is precious!’
Mr Chaplin, Science Co-ordinator