Following a rigorous democratic election process in every class and an announcement in today’s assembly, I am
excited to inform you that this year’s School Councillors are:
3JL – Tommy Christina
3LF – Mia Robinson
3RP – Harley Wilson-Hewett
4CB – Leo Carstairs
4MP – Eleanor Pain
4VH – Jesse Cooke
5DC – Ben Reid
5HB – Faye Hibbert
5LR – Bella Young
6CH – Max Giles
6HC – Bethany Morrissey
6ZN – Max LeMoignan

Congratulations to all of our successful candidates, your class mates have put their faith in you to make a difference and represent their voices throughout the coming academic year and I am looking forward to hearing all of your ideas and suggestions. Well done also to all 172 pupils who stood for election; you should be very proud of the confidence and motivation you have shown to nominate yourselves. I could not be prouder of each of you!