Firstly, thank you so much to everyone for getting involved so enthusiastically in our Safer Internet Day 2021.  With our current usage (and reliance!) of technology at an all-time high, it is so important (now more so than ever!) to ensure we all develop our understanding of how to stay safe online. This year’s theme was ‘An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world’. Across the whole school, each year group looked at a different element of online advertising…

Year 3 were challenged to use their detective skills to identify how unboxing videos are used to advertise products.

Year 4 learnt all about giveaways, collaborations and celebrity endorsements before then designing their own advert including one of these persuasive features.

Year 5 started to delve behind the advert to learn about influencers and other people who can benefit from online advertising apart from the company.

Year 6 explored the positives and negatives of having adverts online and became advert detectives to learn how to spot a fake ad, creating brilliant posters to showcase all they had learnt.

Hopefully the day helped the children to learn more about what they can and cannot trust online and as always, it is a wonderful thought to have been working with children from over 170 other countries to make our internet a better place.

Miss Creelie, Computing Co-ordinator