What an event it has been! Throughout Reading Matters Week, the children have been immersed in a variety of superhero-themed reading activities to help further develop their reading superpowers! From becoming text detectives, to sharing the inspirational stories that make their superhero capes, it has been fantastic to hear the children talking about a range of books with such enthusiasm. All pupils have taken so much pride in displaying their favourite stories and illustrating their book heroes and we look forward to sharing examples on our website soon. Each class has also had a secret challenge to complete this week which has proved to be lots of fun! The children voted on a word to describe how reading makes them feel and were set the challenge of taking a photo displaying this word in an interesting way. Also, we must mention our Big Federation Read which was a huge success in modelling reading across both the infant and junior schools. It has been a successful week and all of the children have truly demonstrated that reading really is their superpower!
Mrs Long, English Co-ordinator