Homework 1

Due: Tuesday 21st July

Well, we are nearly at the end of our time in Year 3 and you have all found out your teachers for next year. We thought that it would be a really good idea for your new year 4 teacher’s to know a little bit about you before you start with them in September!

Over the next two weeks, please write a letter to your new teacher, to introduce yourself. You will need to tell them…

  • Your name
  • Your hobbies
  • What you are good at
  • What you are proud of achieving in Year 3
  • Describe your favourite lesson in Year 3.
  • What you find hard
  • What you want to improve in Year 4

You might need to plan the letter first and write a first draft, before you write your final letter. Make sure you use your neatest handwriting and that you check any spellings with a dictionary. If you finish, you need to decorate your letter with a picture!

We will then pass them up to your new teachers to keep hold of in September. 🙂


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July 10, 2015