Frequently Asked Questions

Where should my child go on their first day of school?



Please report to reception on your child’s first day where their new teacher will have arranged for the m to be met by a ‘buddy’. The teacher will be happy to speak to you at the end of the day regarding their progress.

Prior to Year 3 children starting school in September, a letter will be sent to parents/carers setting out the routine for the first few days of school. This will include details on where and times to drop off and collect your child.

My child is unwell. How do I notify the school?

Please telephone the school before 9.30am on the first day of absence.  If we do not receive notification, we will contact you.

Please have a look on the School Nurse Website for information/guidance on whether your child is well enough to be in school.

Where/when can I buy school uniform?



Uniform should be ordered via the Scopay – orders will then be sent home via your child. Alternatively, payment can be made by cash/cheque, along with a completed order form.



Where can I get a copy of a letter?



Letters and other communication are sent via email.  If you should miss a letter, please call into Reception and the Admin Team will be able to help you. Letters and newsletters can be found on the school website under For Parents/Letters or Newsletters menus.

My child has lost something? Where can I find lost property?

The lost property shed is situated in the front playground and can be accessed before and after school.

My child has been prescribed medicine, but is well enough to be in school. Can the school give them their medicine?

Yes.  They will have to remember to visit the medical room for their dose at the correct time. Parents must complete the medicine form and leave it with one of our Admin team. Medicine must be in prescribed packaging.  No Ibuprofen in school, unless prescribed.

My child has headlice. What do I do?

Your child should not be in school until they have been treated.  For more details, download advice from NHS choices.  Please inform the school (your call will be dealt with sensitively) and we will arrange for a letter to go out to all parents in the class asking for them to check their child’s hair.

How do I make an appointment to see my child's classteacher?

Please telephone or call into reception and they will contact the class teacher to arrange an appointment for you.  We kindly ask that all visitors report to reception before entering the school.

Can my child have school dinners?

Yes.  To enable your child to have a school meal you will need to set them up with a Tucasi account.  This enables you to top up their account via the internet.  Please ask at reception for further information.

I am on income support. Can I get help with school meals?

Yes.  Please log on to and you can check online to see if your child is eligible.

My son/daughter is doing really well in a club/activity. Can this be mentioned in the school newsletter?

Yes of course!  Please send any entries to reception by Wednesday of the week you would like it published.

My child wants to join an after school club. How do I go about it?

Prior to the beginning of each term, information regarding the forthcoming clubs will be emailed to parents and available on the school website under the For Parents/Clubs menu.  If you would like your child to participate in any of the clubs, please complete and return the application form, along with payment, before the club commences.

I would like to help in school. How do I arrange this?

At the start of the year, a letter will be emailed to all parents/carers to ask all those who are interested to register their interest by returning a response note.  Your child’s teacher will then contact you when they are ready. All volunteers will be subject to a Disclosure and Services Barring Check.