On Wednesday morning our Year 6 group headed out for the final time in their WJS caps! The Think Safe project run by the borough council is organised by the Safer North Hampshire Community Safety Partnership to teach young people about various life skills, including fire safety, railway safety, first aid, road safety, healthy relationships, safe behaviour with dogs, range safety, cyber safety and stranger danger. Throughout the morning, our Year 6 pupils spent time with Hampshire Fire and Rescue, Hampshire Constabulary, the Hart Dog Warden, The You Trust, the Royal Military Police and the British Transport Police, learning through a series of interactive scenarios, based at the Aldershot Enterprise Centre, in Aldershot.  During the scenarios, the children learnt tactics and skills for what to do if a stranger approaches them, how to respond to a casualty, how to stay safe online, what to do if there is a fire at home and how to stay safe on the railway, roads and local army ranges. There was also some displays from school health promoting health and wellbeing and the Chathealth helpline. This was a great experience to help support their transition to secondary school, we hope the children will remember many of the important messages!