On Monday, we were invited to play in the HART Shield Final. As winners of our independent leagues we knew this would be a tough game. Very early on we had a setback as Velmead scored a fantastic goal with a shot into the top corner. The game soon settled with both teams having their share of possession. Shortly after, Velmead crossed the ball into the box to their striker who netted a second. Resolute and determined, Preston scored a magnificent free-kick from well outside the box and within minutes, the whistle blew for half time. After a team talk and some refreshments on what was a sweltering day, the second half began with Westfields having the majority of the ball. However, with great speed, Velmead quickly managed to counter on the break and score a pair of well-worked goals. The score was now 4-1. Admirably, our team showed some grit and finished the game with a fluster of shots on the opposition goal but to no avail. All the players deserve great applause for their efforts in what has been a largely successful season reaching the final stages of the cup and league competitions. 

Mr Frame