On Tuesday, we immersed ourselves in the wonderful world of Maths! It was a fun-filled day with lots of activities to help us explore and develop the children’s mathematical knowledge and skills. Every pupil embarked on a maths trail; identifying angles and shapes throughout the school. They also had a go at estimating and measuring heights of various structures around the site including Parker’s Place and our main school building itself!
As well as this, the children had the opportunity to be inspired by a mathematically themed story book. After which they explored how artists can use shapes to create beautiful pieces of work including using geometric shapes, symmetry and Year 6 even had a go at drawing some impossible objects! Wrapping up the day’s activities, the children finally devised and created board games  focused on mathematical concepts; a chance to use their collaboration skills as well as their mathematical knowledge! Year groups across our two schools then shared their board games with each other. I hope the children enjoyed the day as much as I did!
Miss Campbell, Maths Co-ordinator