Last Friday, 12 of our Years 6s went head-to-head against other local schools in this year’s Building Challenge held at Owlsmoor School.

The Building Challenge is an inter-school team activity to challenge pupils’ thinking skills. It is an opportunity for pupils to learn about the world of work, develop their existing problem solving and communication skills as well as learn new ones in a fun and structured way. The children needed to work together (without any adult support!) to replicate a structure made from multi-coloured bricks of various shapes and sizes. They were only given a limited time to look at the model structure so the pressure was really on! As well as the accuracy of the structure in form, our team also needed to budget for the materials needed; making sure they worked as efficiently as possible. Our Year 6 Team were outstanding ambassadors for Westfields and did themselves proud  – I think it is certain that 12 adults could not have done a better job! Well done to our Building Challenge 2022 participants!

Mr Medwell, AMA Co-ordinator