We are delighted to share that no less than 83 of our Year 6 pupils this week had the sunny opportunity to complete their Bikeability Training which is such an important life skill! Each day they have worked in class based ability groups with instructors from Hampshire Outdoor to develop their independent knowledge, skills and cycle safety understanding. Activities have included: completing safety checks on their bikes, mastering cycling skills and learning strategies to keep safe on the roads. Following an introduction and assessment on the school playground, the children then experienced cycling around our locality. Through this extended curriculum opportunity, the children have learnt essential skills that we hope will not only encourage them to keep up cycling as a form of exercise to improve their health, fitness and well-being but also develop their confidence and independent skills as well as (most importantly) keep themselves safe!
Reports back to myself and Year 6 staff have been overwhelmingly positive regarding our pupils engagement and motivation which is always wonderful to hear.
Well done Year 6, you should be proud of your achievements!