In other Computing news, during the Autumn term, Year 5 and 6 participated in the Bebras Computational Thinking Competition. This involved all of the children completing fun tasks based on problems that Computer Scientists often meet and enjoy solving. The tasks were able to be solved without prior knowledge but instead require logical thinking! We have now received the results and within the Year 6 competition, there were 80,005 participants across the country; the successful top 10% have then been invited to a second round of competition run by the University of Oxford. We are very proud to share that three children have been successfully invited to participate! We wish them luck in the next round which will occur in March.

Year 5 Results: Year 6 invitations to 2nd round:
Oliver Wilding 1st Place Edward Gibbons 1st place
Max Raison 2nd place Joshua Edge 2nd place
Olly Hill-Clarke 3rd Place Freddie Edwards 3rd place
Zack Johnson 3rd Place  

If you want to see the questions the children have to face, visit the website competitions

Miss Creelie, Computing Coordinator