There has been much excitement in all of the learning spaces at Westfields on Thursday and Friday as we celebrated our trip around the Commonwealth to celebrate the Queen’s official birthday!

Here are just some of the activities we have enjoyed taking part in…

¨ In India we learnt classic Bollywood dances.

¨ In New Zealand we learnt the Hakka & made Mauri masks!

¨ In South Africa we learnt some African songs and used African patterns to make flags & rainbows.

¨ In Belize we decorated plates and researched the Deep Blue Hole!

¨ In Fiji we made clay pots, created woven mats with paper & wool & tasted tropical fruit

¨ In Kenya we played African drums & made silhouettes of the Savannah!

¨ In the Seychelles we designed postcards representing the Seychelles and made flags & Coats of Arms

¨ In Canada we made totem poles & aruras!

¨ In Malta we researched the country as well as made & tasted street food.

¨ In Jamaica we made beautiful sparkly carnival costumes.

¨ Down under, in Australia we painted our very own Aboriginal art work!

¨ In Sri Lanka we did printing on cardboard cut-outs of elephants!

To view additional photo’s from our Around the World Creative Day, please visit and view the gallery at the bottom of the page.